Struggling to get Out and About with Baby between Feeds?

A MumChoTM is all you need to discreetly breastfeed in public. 


Why MumChoTM 

  • MumCho gives nursing mothers the freedom to take their baby out and about without having to worry when and where they have to feed bubs.
  • MumChos are funky fashion garments, so women can look great whilst feeding. Taking baby to a restaurant is easy when using a MumCho.
  • Women who had the "Mumcho experience" feel more relaxed, and their babies are therefore happier too.
  • MumCho is the only nursing cover on the market that is also a fashion garment. 
  • MumChos are elegant, timelessand can be worn in 5+ ways to create different looks. Instruction manual is included.
  • MumCho beautifully shows off your belly during pregnancy and magically hides your belly after delivery.   
  • Some MumChos can be used to swaddle the baby, or as a baby blanket.
  • MumCho is a must have accessory when travelling with your baby.
  • MumCho, unlike other breastfeeding covers provides the right length to cover not only your belly but also your back while nursing.
  • MumCho comes with a small pouch, and it easily fits into your handbag. 
  • MumCho is One Size Fits All and Easy Care. Unlike other nursing tops, you won't have to wash them every day, the lightweight fabrics dry very quickly.
  • MumCho is one of these items were you can say "Money well spent!". Wear it during pregnancy and after delivery in 5+ different ways. No need to buy any other nursing tops, just wear your normal clothes during the time when you're breastfeeding.
  • Keep your MumCho in your bag at all times and pop it on when your baby is hungry and you're nursing, no matter where you are!   
  • MumCho is made of Designer Fabrics: Merino, Organic Bamboo, Chiffon and Silk.
  • MumCho is a must have for the mum on the go! No other pregnancy and nursing top is as versatile as a MumCho.