The Chiffon MumChoTM


6+ Ways to wear your Chiffon MumCho

Why would you want to own a Chiffon MUMCHO™?

—It beautifully shows off your belly during pregnancy
—It magically hides your belly after delivery
—It provides the perfect modesty cover wherever you go
—It's fashionable and can be worn in many different ways
—Each print is produced in limited numbers only
—It provides the right length to cover up your belly and your back while nursing, unlike other modesty covers
—It's a must have accessory when travelling with baby or when going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner
—It comes with a small pouch, and it easily fits into your handbag
—One Size Fits All
—It is easy care, no need to wash it very often

— It's one of these items were you can say "Money well spent!". Start wearing it during pregnancy in 6+ different ways. No need to buy any other nursing tops after the arrival of your baby, just wear your normal clothes or a even dresses during the time when you're breastfeeding. Keep your MumCho in your bag at all times and just pop it on when your baby is hungry, no matter where you are!

—It's a must have for the mum on the go! No other pregnancy and nursing top is as versatile and fashionable as a MumCho!

MumCho can be worn during pregnancy, while breast-feeding, and anytime afterwards.  It is so versatile and can be worn over togs at the beach or to dress up a tank top or T-shirt.  See just a few of the ways to wear it
The Chiffon Mumcho is lightweight and comes in gorgeous designer fabrics and a multitude beautiful colour options.